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"By a show of hands, how many of you eat food?"

So asked one of the Bread and Puppet performers on the Montpelier capital lawn this afternoon.
Most people's hands immediatly shot up. They were the ones who knew and loved Bread and Puppet,
who understood the messages before they were presented.
Others, like the pleasant Japanese family seated beside me looked absolutly baffled.
Eventually, everyone agreed that we all did in fact eat food.
Then followed a proclaimation explaining what the Premises Registration Rule was all about, what it meant for family farmers, backyard agriculturalists, and food-eaters everywhere.
Following the mini-circus on the lawn a public hearing on the subject was held.
It was interesting, listening to the passionate voices of so many people
some eloquent, some simple, some respectful, others brash.
I tend to shy away from politics, the banality of it all lethal to my general well being,
but I felt strongly enough on the subject to represent my oppinion, however silent,
by the sheer volume of my presense. My filled seat spoke for me.
The rest of the afternoon I wandered Montpelier, joyful, free, tasting the sun.
I ate cucumber and chick pea salad for lunch, an adventurous culinary delight.
I listened to people speak on the world, on music set to the rise and fall of a violin from someone's street-side window.
In all, it was an interesting, beautiful day that reminded me that no matter how much of a hermit I can be at times, I am still part of a powerful and noble community.

I really love Vermont.
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